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 Carl Jackson was born into a loving family that realized the importance of finding yourself. At an early age he was introduced to competition and art media through sports and music. As early as age eight, Carl began playing music, first on the clarinet and then the electric and acoustic bass. 

Carl played in the jazz band, gospel choir, orchestra and R&B bands growing up.  His interest blossomed and he became an avid fan of the bass.

Carl holds a BA in music from Thomas Edison State College. He was recruited to join the US Military music program, which has produced many iconic musicians in the world today.

Carl decided to work with the NATO band in Naples Italy and has played with the who’s who in jazz. He also received the meritorious service ribbon for his twenty years of service on bass to our country, Carl also received the MOVSM award for leading the “world stage Billy Higgins session” in Los Angeles, CA.

His initial project after leaving the Military was to organize the one hundred fifty-year anniversary for Zion Baptist Church, one of the oldest churches in Colorado. Carl wrote the trumpet fanfare and other songs for the event and service.

Carl has always been a bass player in demand. He has been guest artist on tour with Big Head Todd and the Monsters and The Round Midnight Jazz Band on double bass. He loves writing and currently has three solo projects available on his website. He has composed for the US NATO Band and the Edwin Hawkins Seminar Choir. Utilizing his talents for organizing and working well with the team, he continues to work with Concepts, a very special jazz group!

Carl has displayed the touch of acro-ology on the double bass and the deep pocket for electric bass. He is endorsed by Eastman Strings and SIT strings.





Carl Jackson
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Carl G. Jackson is endorsed by
Eastman Strings and SIT strings.

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